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Which Brand Is Better Vivo Or Samsung? | Vivo Vs Samsung |

The Chinese Smartphone Companies such as Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi have become firm favourites with the Indian consumer base. The growing share of Chinese smartphones manufacturers in India is a testimony of increasing influence over the people.

The conclusions drawn from the Consumer Satisfaction report have made the fact even clearer. Indians started using more then China mobile phones. Indian mobile Karbonn could come forward In this competition , but Karbonn comes out of the competition because the customer did not like it. Because of not using Karbonn Mobile, the Company has to look at the face of loss.

Where’s Samsung?

The South Korean giant had been dominating the Indian smartphone market, until the influx of China into the business. It is the Chinese companies who rule the roost right now, be it in any aspect of the smartphone.

The incredible features offered at such extraordinary low pricing made it pretty difficult for its competitors to keep up with them. On top of that, the advertising and marketing strategy of companies like Oppo and Vivo are really on point. If the Samsung price was lower, it could have captured indian market. Qualcomm is the best Processor at this tume, So Samsung Exynos can not win the victory against Qualcomm.

Samsung has two roads to return to the current market. One is:- Qualcomm’s better Processor will pay at the same price. Besides, four cores will be kept in High Speed. And the second road is to use the Qualcomm Chipset. Some of the 2019 mobile phones such as Samsung Galaxy A70 And Samsung Galaxy A50, and the Qualcomm Chipset used here. And they have more speed then other China Mobile Phones. Below are the result of Vivo and Samsung’s Speed Test.

Samsung VS Vivo

Vivo VS Samsung Under 10,000

Vivo Y91 3GB (Speed: 24%)
Android v8.1
Display 2.8 ⭐
Size: 6.22 inches,
Performance: 3.4 ⭐
Snapdragon 439,
Cortex a53- Octa 1.95GHz+1.45GHz,
Camera: 3.1 ⭐
13+2MP Rear
8MP F1.8,
Battery: 4.2 ⭐
Price: 9,990

Samsung Galaxy M20 (Speed: 33%)
Android v8.1,
Display: 2.6 ⭐
6.3 inches,
Performance: 3.6 ⭐
Exynos 7904,
Cortex a73 2x1.8GHz, cortex a53 6x1.6GHz,
Camera: 3.8 ⭐
13+5MP Rear, 8MP Front
Battery: 4.5 ⭐
Price: 10,000
Below in the table you can See, who is the winner.

Vivo VS Samsung Under 20,000

Vivo v9 Pro( Speed: 49%)
Android v8.1
Display: 3.1 ⭐
6.3 inches,
Performance: 4.0 ⭐
Chipset Snapdragon 660,
Kryo 260-1.95GHz, 1.8GHz,
Camera: 3.2 ⭐
13+2MP F2.0 16MP F2.0,
Battery: 3.8 ⭐
Price: 16,000

Samsung Galaxy A50 (Speed: 50%)
Android v9.0
Display: 4.0 ⭐
4.6 inches
, Performance: 4.0 ⭐
Exynos 9610
A73 4x2.3GHz+A53 4x1.7GHz,
Camera: 3.9 ⭐
25+5+8MP F1.7 25MP F2.0
Battery: 4.1 ⭐
Below in the table you can See, who is the winner.

Vivo VS Samsung Under 30,000

Vivo X21 (Speed: 51%)
Androi v8.1
Display: 4.0 ⭐
6.28 inches,
Performance: 4.0 ⭐
Kryo 4x260 2.2GHZ+4x1.84Gz,
Cmera: 3.8 ⭐
12+5MP Rear, 12MP Front
Battery: 3.8 ⭐
Price: 27,000

Samsung Galaxy A70 (Speed: 64%)
Android v9.0
Display: 4.0 ⭐
6.7 inches,
Performance: 4.2 ⭐
Snapdragon 675,
Kryo 460 2x2GHz+6x1.7GHz,
Camera: 3.9 ⭐
32+8+5MP Rear, 32MP Front,
Battery: 4.3 ⭐
Price: 28,000
Below in the table you can See, who is the winner.


These mobile phones are given number depending on the speed. If you want to get a Full Mobile Compare, you must give comments.

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